The 1963 Pontiac X400

I set up this website to describe a General Motors show car, 1963 Pontiac X400,  to present its history, how it was built and what it is taking to restore the car. I have divided this site up to give the history, how I got the car, how I found the engine and then the restoration of the car.  The restoration is divided up into sections describing the  engine restoration, the frame work, the body work, and the interior.  Back when I got this car in the 80s General Motors Photographic, now  GM Media Archive gave me  a collection of photos that show the car being built at GM Styling.  These have been  invaluable to get this car back together.  Since I am well under way on the restoration I do not want to take time to answer email questions until the car is nearly finished.

The photo gallery is where you can select different categories of photos showing the restoration of sections of the car.  The restoration logs are the day to day notes about the work done in restoring the X400.  These logs are PDFs that can be down loaded for reading.  They are not edited for spelling or grammar errors.

Even though I have had this car for some years, it was not until 2006 that I started the actual restoration.  Up to this time I searched for  data and what parts I could find.  During those years up to 2006 we did frame off restorations on some 15 cars  some of which are still in our collection.


These are PDFs of the daily logs for the restoration of the x400. They are done by year and later may be a blog for current information, From 1982 to 2007 no restoration logs were kept.

2007 logs    

2008 logs

2009 logs

2010 logs

2011 logs

2012 logs

2013 Jan to July logs

2013 Aug to Dec logs

2014 Jan to Oct

2014 November to March 2015