History of the 1963/64 at GM

After getting the car to Arizona I began investigating what the car was like when finished at GM. I decided to begin by tracing the history of the car while at GM. The car had appeared to have undergone many changes from the 63 version. From Pontiac Historical services the car was a Catalina convertible, white with bucket seats and a 4 speed transmission. It was taken to the styling studios at GM and made into the X400. When I began the investigation on the car I did not know when changes were done to convert the 63 x400 to another possible show car. As I continued getting more data from GM, I found that the 1963 version was changed to a 1964 X400 and went to shows in 1964. It was returned to the stying studio after the 64 shows and more changes were done, the engine was removed, and I found later, was returned to Mickey Thompson.  A Pontiac 400 engine was installed with the 4 speed transmission. Then all work stopped.  Since this car had a vin number it was licensed and driveable it was offered for sale.  This is where the Pontiac Dealer in Springfield Ill entered the story.